The MyCCPay service provider provides information about credit cards on its website. The app also allows users to check their balances, pay bills, and more. Almost any credit card can be accessed through the app.


To make the payment process easier, MyCCPay supports a variety of credit and visa cards. You can access several credit cards through the portal, including Total Visa Cards, First Access Visa Cards, Emblem Mastercard’s, and New Horizon Mastercard’s.

MyCCPay Accessible Cards

First Access Visa Card

First Access Visa Cards are available to people with bad credit scores. If your credit score is terrible and you have no other options, you should avoid applying for this credit card. Some people have such poor credit that they must use credit cards such as The First Access Visa Card. People who cannot get better credit cards can use this credit card, which comes with a high-interest rate.

You will pay $89.99 to process for the card, $75 per year (first year, then $48), and $75 per year for servicing (no charge for the first year). Anyone who knows anything about credit cards knows that these fees should never be charged to consumers. As soon as possible, you should improve your credit score and find a new credit card if you already have one.


Total Visa CardĀ 

A similar fee structure applies to both the Total Visa Card and the First Access Visa Card. It is another of those credit cards designed for consumers without other options. There is a significant problem with this card in that it comes with excessive fees for consumers who have no other options.

Emblem MasterCard, Access MasterCard, and New Horizon MasterCardĀ 

Total Card, Inc. offers three MasterCard credit cards. These three MyCCPay credit cards are the least popular. According to some research, these three cards aren’t necessarily very popular. Most of the reviews are from unhappy customers, which is not surprising since these cards are not all that popular.